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Bits and pieces.

Object Tracking in Matlab
Most of my programming work in Matlab is related to particle tracking.
I'm using different techniques for particle detection in videos of microscopic flows.
The basic operations - evergreens by today standards - are thresholding, edge detection and a variety of filters.
The Matlab Image processing Toolbox has a lot of usefull functions, if you're looking for some fast and easy solution. The corresponding documentation in matlab is a far better recource that everything I could ever provide, so I highly recommend it.
If you are looking for image processing using machine learning, the Computer vision toolbox also
provides a couple of  high-level object detection methods.
For Trajectory reconstruction see also this page.

Morphological Image Analysis
To analyse random patterns, in particular in science
morphological image analysis provides some handy tools
to charakterize such systems. If you're interessted in
some pattern quantification methods, check out this.

Octave-Forge Video Package

Octave is a great open source software alternative to Matlab.
Unfortunatly there is no build in video support, but an octave-forge package existed
I wrote a patch to enable reading a multiply list of frames at once which makes the function
aviread more compatible to its matlab counterpart and also significantly faster.
You can find the patch here.
Unfortunatly the package has some issues with new versions of ffmpeg, but some people are working on it.

Warzone 2100
Welcome to the warzone :P
Maybe you remember the classic RTS game, one of the first 3D FTS of its kind.
Thanks to the publishers and fans the source code was made open source a while ago
and people are constantly working on improving the game (more manpower always required!).
My contribution was more artwort than coding. I worked on some texture improving
and modelling
. For really fancy graphics improvement check out this mod.
Another small contribution I did was for this alternative glacier tileset.

Concerning music - ocean of consciousness
There is a giant number of musicians that have inspired me in some way (Very incomplete list: Acid King, Aphex Twin, Autechre, Black Moth, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Black Sabbath, Beethoven, Boards of Canada, Bolt Thrower, Carpenter Brut, Clark, Coma Wall, Deichkind, Die Antwoord, Dynamite Deluxe, Eazy-E, Electric Wizard, Gesaffelstein, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Holy Sons, Jethro Tull, John Lee Hooker, Justice, Kyuss, Kraftwerk, Korn, Lightnin' Hopkins, Nirvana, Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard, Machine Head, Meshuggah, Milanese, Monster Magnet, Mouse on Mars, Nero, OM, Pantera, Perturbator, Queens of the Stone Age, Sleep, Slipknot, SubRosa, The Offspring, The Picturebooks, The Prodigy, Tocotronic, Tombstones, Tool, Twine, Venetian Snares, Weedeater, Yob, ... ).


Tools I use are guitar, bass etc. and the FL Studio DAW.

A lot of fuzz is needed to achieve the sound of doom, but I believe in the end the secret is to play a very drop-down-tuned guitar through a bass amp.

muzz    minidis

Other stuff I do is modding stuff using 3D printing, such as this:

gottlieb2k toy keyboardgottlieb2k case mod

If you're interessted in making your own, here are the files you need for your prints.

Point and Click Adventure Games
As a child one of the earliest computer games I was introduced to were the lucas-arts point-and-click adventures Indiana Jones and Secret of Monkey Island. From that time on I was addicted to this genre, and it was sad to watch this genre disappear for a time. However, in the realm of indie-game developement point-and-click has survived. One great example is the adventure game studio engine, which has lead to a ton of excellent free and commercial adventure games in retro style. Here I present my favorites, both commercial and freeware.

Commercial: Blackwell Series, Gemini Rue, Resonance, Technobabylon, Primordia, Shardlight, Kathy Rain,

Freeware: X Days a Y series, Shifter's Box, Robo Quest, Time Stone, Scenario 5B, Black Morph, Eternally Us

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